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Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Deciding whether to hire an attorney is arguably the most important decision you will make following your Riverside arrest for a DUI. Note that in most cases an attorney can represent you at both the DMV hearing and the criminal court appearances. This means that you may never have to appear in court. Additionally, a qualified DUI attorney will have the best chance at getting reductions and dismissals in your Riverside DUI case. Make sure when deciding on which Riverside DUI Defense Lawyer to hire you ask several questions and don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation if you do not understand something.

When hiring an attorney to represent you for a Riverside County DUI arrest there is a plethora of information to consider. Primarily you will want to know if they regularly deal with DUIs. A criminal defense attorney who only handles a few DUI cases a term may not have the latest law and information and is not likely trained in Field Sobriety Testing or the proper procedure for chemical testing. These are important things to consider since a Riverside arrest for DUI could change your life. You will want to have the best representation that can prepare the best defense possible in your case. Do not hesitate to ask questions to potential attorneys. A reputable Riverside DUI lawyer will not hesitate in providing you the information necessary.

Beyond whether they specialize in DUI defense you should also consider whether they are local to the Riverside area. An attorney who practices in Riverside is much more likely to know the inner workings of the courts and have cordial relationships with the judges and District Attorneys. This will most likely result in a positive outcome in your case. Whether it be a sentence reduction or a dismissal of the charges a local attorney will have a better chance of securing a good outcome than someone unfamiliar with the area.

Next you should inquire as to the track record of the attorney you wish to hire. Make sure that previous Riverside DUI clients have been satisfied by the work the attorney has done for them and by the results in their case. Most competent Riverside DUI lawyers will have a number of cases to boast about. While a proven track record is not a guarantee of how your Riverside DUI case will come out, it is important to feel confident in the attorney representing you. It is the DUI lawyer’s job to keep you informed of all options in your case and give you their legal advice as to which one is most suitable. That by no means should indicate that you have to settle. Make sure that the attorney you hire to represent you in your Riverside DUI case is ready and willing at all times to go to trial. While most DUI cases settle away from trial, it is important to know that if a trial would result in the best outcome that your attorney is willing to represent you. Remember that trials can be very expensive and are not likely contained in the retainer fee. Be sure to start planning ahead of time for the added expense.

Finally, while there are an endless number of things to consider and ask when deciding which Riverside DUI attorney to hire, one of the most important is the fee structure. Every DUI attorney charges a different amount and the cheapest does not indicate the best deal. Remember you are paying for a defense of your rights, be sure to weigh all considerations before choosing. Most often toxicology experts, jury trials and subpoenas are additional costs not considered in the retainer fee. Ask questions to understand what you will be paying. A Riverside DUI conviction can end up being extremely costly, so it is vital to consider your financial status early in the process. Most Riverside DUI attorneys are willing to work with payment plans and other considerations when deciding their retainer fee.

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